Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Notes

Wearing: American Apparel Dress, H&M cover-up, Sterling shoes, Vintage bag, Accesorize hat, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Charles and Grace (c/o) hand chain

 This summer has been one glitter sprinkled fun ride. 
Because I finally got to spend my whole summer 
in my fabulous city where the weather 
for the most time treated me fantastically. 

I've realized that I love and enjoy every second of every day 
that I spend with my loved ones and dear friends in my adoptive home city. 
This summer is all about having a wonderful time under the warm sun.

So it began with... 
being crowned Sterling's pick, a Canadian local chain of shoes, 
antique hunting , tea parties, juicy BBQs, 
wine tours, beach living, summer sale dress shopping, 
and a beautiful hand sculpted hand chain by Charles and Grace.

And now that August is at our doorstep
 all I need is just a bit more luck for a sun kissed glow.

Glitter Kisses!


Princie said...

Great outfit, Mina :)!

blue roses said...

great cover up!