Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Farm your soul

After a late night of watching starry skies 
and an early morning where we checked out of our fabulous beach get-away home, 
it was time to hit the last spot on our list: Mission Hill Estate Winery.
We toured their jaw dropping wine cellar,
 discovered a sweet but tangy Rose infused with jasmine, honey and pomegranate 
which we stocked up our own wine cellar complete with blue Venetian glasses.

But before heading home, 
we had to bring back some natural goodness from the Okanagan Valley
 by visiting the local Farmer's Market. 
Sweet cherries for a summer fruit salad, sour ones for a home-made pie, 
zucchinis for a mediterranean vegetable casserole, 
fresh flowers for the kitchen table and some sweet kettle corn for the long ride.

We made it home in peace and enjoyed one delicious Okanagan Valley meal!



Prity said...

lovely print :) goes so well with the winery background!

Boheme.Fille said...

Such fantastic photos! I love your dress!

Krimly said...

Hi girl! its long time since I don't check the blogs that I used to read, after this time I decided to visit some and I see that you have changed yours! Anyway, you are as pretty as always, and the photos are still wonderful! Love your dress so much and all the summer colors! :)


Insomnia said...

Oh, how lovely all of the colors are!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Hi Mina,

I thought I'd lost you, but I recently found your new blog. Loving your floral romper!

Elle Sees said...

stunning, flawless, what else can is say?

binti said...

nice dress and footwears.