Thursday, March 29, 2012

We run young

French Vanilla lattes for breakfast,
Paris Vogue for dinner
Matchachillo for lunch
a shopping session with my usual partner in crime Jen
and a new day of running young.

After a long week of a lot of work,no sleep, some pool bliss and frat partying, an enjoyable shopping day was just what the doctor ordered.

Wearing: Shampalove coat, American Apparel top, Hollywood Boutique faux leather leggings,  
no name brand boots, Vintage Chanel bag, Michael Kors wallet.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Vancouver Blogger Sale: How It was

Glitter in My Veins was there, with lots of accessories, a rack full of clothing and a size 5 shoe collection which sold in a heartbeat! 

We choose our neighbors carefully so is it any wonder why I shared my retail space with my usual partner in crime Jen?

I brought a rack full of skirts, a couple of coats and jackets and one stray top floating around. 
I'm happy to announce that about half of them found new loving homes!

 My boyfriend Rob proved to be such a great hand especially once the storm of buyers came rushing down on our station. All my administrative work was done by him so I could happily enjoy meeting my buyers and.... hmmm... peruse other blogger's stations.

The event's organizers Alicia and Cee did a fantastic job planning and promoting the event. I have so many words of praise for the girls' hard work.
The Blogger Sale will be a bi-annual event so definitely expect another in the fall. 

Manning my station was hard especially when I constantly caught glimpses of things I wanted on 
other sellers racks!
Group shot of all the blogger sellers. Back Row: Leonie, Alex, Jen,Randa and Nina, Middle Row: Monika, Allison, Cee, Melissa, Jen, Me, Alicia. Bottom: Ishra

In the end... this was the perfect way to catch up with all the girls I know and meet so many other wonderful ones.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Photos by Jen

No school, no work, Just fun and play.
Wake up late, skip bk, have cereal or cheerios for lunch,
get lady bug fever with Jen and wear my favorite new polka dot tights and the famous rosettes blazer, then call it a day with some Yin Yoga.  
That's what my life is all about these days. 
Too much relaxation? Maybe! 
But I will need it come September, when I will attempt for the second time this year to graduate!

Wearing: H&M Garden Collection blazer, H&M skirt & tights, Target tank, Vintage belt, Vintage Chanel bag, Marni shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, earrings from Vegas.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A play on basics

photos by Jen

Although I usually love flamboyant pieces,
 I can also appreciate well constructed basics,
 that one can build their wardrobe upon. 
But when I see basics with a twist, 
such as these Rag and Bone black jeans with leather panels 
or a black blazer with cascading edges, 
I know I've hit gold!

To keep it as close to my own personal style, 
over accessorizing is necessary with leopard print high heels, 
stacks of bracelets and the ultimate statement necklace.

 Wearing: Kenneth Cole blazer, H&M top & necklace, Rag&Bone jeans, Forever 21 shoes, Vintage bag, Target cuff and gold bracelets from Vegas.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Those old days of winter

photos by Jen

The sun is out and about and temperatures are slowly rising! 
Could this mean it's finally time to put our old yee sweaters behind?
 In memory of my beloved fair isle prints that I've been rocking all winter long, 
I took them out for one last stroll! 
Pattern overload? 
A little, but what am I if not an overload maniac!

Wearing: American Apparel hat, Forever 21 sweater, Skirt from Harajuku, Tokyo, H&M tights, shoes from Osaka, Japan, Belt from Kyoto, Japan, Necklace from Granville Island, Vintage bag.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Special Invitation: Vancouver's 1st Blogger Clothing Sale

Mark your calendar girls! 
Vancouver 1st Blogger Clothing Sale is here!
The ideal way to start your spring shopping is on March the 17th.
 This is the day you can get your hands on all of your favorite blogger's wardrobes at a fraction of the price. Clothes, shoes and accessories will all be on display for your picking. 
 Stop by for a chat with your favorite blogettes, eat a cupcake on your way and shop till you drop!
Guaranteed a very special day! 
See you all there!