Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Glitter Lesson: Black is not boring

Wearing: Shampalove Coat, Skirt from Harajuku, Tokyo, Aldo Belt, F21 necklace, bag, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.

Photos by Jen

Lately I've fallen in love with black. The darkest of the dark stark to match my soul.

Not just Gothic, nor romantic, not just classy nor vampy.
Finally I have grown up to see black for what it is. Not boring nor conventional!
Well how could it be when it comes in such wonderful things such as feathers and tulle, satins and chiffon. 
Black is the epitome of chic.
 And so I've made my peace that black will never be just black as long as I wear it! 

The Glitter's Way to Wearing black is simple: Just mix textures and style notes! 
When all else fails just add some sparkle.


Anaivilo said...

I just love all the textures! So many different fabric and they all make one hell of an outfit! :D Great choices;)

Petite Adventures said...

Love this look - you look stunning!

Kate xo

Adina V. said...

adorable <3